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Marquette Method

The Marquette’s Institute for Natural Family Planning has been providing professional services since 1985. 

In 1999, a new method of Natural Family Planning was developed that uses the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor. Today the Marquette Model of Natural Family Planning uses an algorithm that helps women and couples find their fertile window by interpreting these biological signs of fertility.

These signs of fertility are manifested in the activity of reproductive hormones found in urine, changes in cervical mucus and/or fluctuations in basal body temperatures. The purpose of using natural biological signs of fertility is to help women and couples to identify the day closest to ovulation and narrow the estimated fertile window. This improves objectivity and method effectiveness for women and couples who want to avoid or achieve pregnancy.

What is Marquette Method

The Marquette Model brings 21st-century technology to Natural Family Planning by using urine fertility biomarkers collected at home that measure hormone levels.  These biomarkers can be used in conjunction with cervical mucus or basal body temperature and an algorithm to confidently determine the woman’s fertile window.


Who can use the Marquette Model of NFP?

  • Couples seeking to space pregnancies

  • Couples struggling with fertility

  • Breastfeeding women

  • Perimenopausal women

  • Women with irregular cycles

  • Women interested in health monitoring


How can you learn more about NFP?

The Marquette University Institute for Natural Family Planning provides professional services for those who wish to practice NFP. Professional nurses who are specialists in teaching natural family planning provide couples with beginning educational sessions held monthly or longer as needed. Couples also meet with the nurse individually to discuss their unique needs.


Certified Marquette Method Instructor

Magen R. Vainer, BSN RN

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