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Hello! My name is Magen Vainer and I am so excited to join you on this journey of Natural Family Planning! I have been married to my husband, Matt, for 13 years and we have been blessed with five beautiful children. We have been homeschooling our crazy clan for six years, so we spend LOTS of time together as a family. Life is unpredictable and chaotic, but full of joy! 


I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Wichita State University in 2008. I worked as a Pediatric Intensive Care RN for a year before transferring to Labor and Delivery in 2010. It was there that I discovered my true passion of walking with women through this incredible time in their lives of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and transitioning to motherhood. As our family grew, I stepped back from bedside nursing and entered into Childbirth Education where I now focus on teaching couples a variety of topics ranging from newborn care, breastfeeding, labor support techniques, and much more. 


As someone who has practiced Natural Family Planning since the beginning of my marriage, it has always been a desire of mine to share the knowledge of how our bodies were created and ways to learn and safely navigate natural signs of fertility. Through the Marquette Method of NFP, I will teach you how to measure signs of fertility in a scientifically, research-based manner that takes the guesswork out of natural family planning. Using advanced technology and close follow-up from a professional instructor, the Marquette Method is easy to use whether your goal is to plan your family, space children or simply learn more about your body and be more aware of your overall health.

Get to Know Me


Certified Marquette Method Instructor

Magen R. Vainer, BSN RN

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