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Walking with you on your journey to discover the beauty and gift of the body through fertility awareness and natural family planning

Behold Natural Family Planning  

The Marquette Model method uses the Clearblue Fertility Monitor along with test strips for women to measure the hormone levels in their urine and identify the beginning and end of their fertile window during each menstrual cycle. The method can also be used in conjunction with observing cervical mucus and tracking basal body temperature if needed. This method can be used in a variety of situations, including postpartum, breastfeeding, perimenopause, and women with PCOS and other hormonal imbalances.

Marquette Method

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Married Couple practicing Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning

Women can use observations of natural signs over the course of their menstrual cycles to learn more about how their bodies work. This information can even be used diagnostically by physicians and health professionals. Couples learn a higher degree of self-control and a deeper respect for each other which results in better intimacy for the couple. They become more aware of their extraordinary and generous contributions and responsibilities as procreators with God.

Natural Family Planning

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Certified Marquette Method Instructor

Magen R. Vainer, BSN RN

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